About Alan Cameros

Alan Cameros has held many titles over the course of his life: attorney, art collector, corporate executive, mountain climber. Alan Cameros approached each of these enterprises with gusto and made significant strides in doing each. A dedicated family man, Alan Cameros tackles his leisurely pursuits with his wife, Nancy, and son, Brian. Lifelong residents of upstate New York, Alan Cameros and his family function as active members of their local community. Alan Cameros and his wife have devoted much of their time and efforts to supporting local community coalitions, including the Associates for the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology’s Nathaniel Rochester Society. In 2004, Rochester Institute of Technology awarded Alan and Nancy Cameros the Whitaker Medallion in recognition of the work they did to support the institution. For the past 30-plus years, Alan and Nancy Cameros have collected Southwestern pottery and glass artwork, assembling a collection of over 200 pieces. Artists represented in theircollection include famed potters such as Sera Fina Tafoya, Tony Da, and Tammy Garcia. In 2007 and 2008, the Rockwell Museum of Western Art, located in Corning, New York, featured the Cameros’ collection in an exhibit entitled: “Crafted to Perfection: The Nancy and Alan Cameros Collection of Southwestern Pottery”. As a lawyer with experience operating in the corporate realm, Alan Cameros has applied many of his acquired skills to positions he held on national boards and councils in the museum and the arts fields. Alan Cameros offered his guidance to the Museum Trustees Association, for which he acted as chairman, representing them on Capitol Hill in matters relating to governance of museum activities. The Corning Museum of Glass chose Alan Cameros as a Fellow, recognizing his interest and contribution to contemporary and historical glass artwork. Alan Cameros also embarked on climbing mountains with his family. Between 1986 and 1993, Alan Cameros endeavored to, and succeeded in, scaling the highest mountains in the Northeast of the United States with his son, Brian. Nancy often joined Brian and Alan Cameros on these climbing trips.


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